5 Best Places to Eat In Nottingham

As the leading New Boiler Nottingham company, we love our town! Nottingham is famous for a lot of things. Its ties to Robin Hood, lace-making and tobacco are some of the few that jump into mind. Being a great city known for its world-class transport system, it’s usually underestimated as a hub for food lovers.

The truth is, Nottingham has some great places you can grab a bite. You have to know your way around the city to find all the sweet spots. But, if you happen to be visiting and don’t know where the great food is, here are five places that offer a meal you will live to remember in Nottingham.

  1. Sat Bains

For food lovers with a sophisticated palette and prefer nothing but fine dining, Sat Bains is the place for you. Known for its once in a lifetime seven-course meal experience is perfect for people that love to stuff themselves with the best cuisines.

Sat Bains more than makes up for what Nottingham lacks as a food lovers paradise. What makes this one of the best places to eat in Nottingham is not only the food but also the location and ambiance of the location. It has a kitchen, sommelier and lounge kind of feel. Its proximity to the A52 is a great plus for accessibility.

While here, you can devour the Anjou Pigeon and veal croquette which are some of the customer favourites.

  1. Jam Café

Jam Café is ideal if you have your mates with you and you’re looking for a joint with a diverse menu that will offer everyone something they will like. Their menu is so diverse you can drop by at just about any time and find the appropriate meal.

Whether you’re after a Bloody Mary during brunch, looking for a fine vegan experience or a beer in the evening, Jam Café has it all. They even have a DJ in the evening to spice things up and bring the energy.

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By day, they are a European style café-bar and at night, they have a live venue. It’s perfect when you’re on a budget and want an unpredictable place to eat offering unlimited variety.

  1. Junkyard

The Junkyard is perfect when you want to take down some delicious greasy foods and its bottle shop vibe is what makes it one the best places to eat in Nottingham.

Junkyard is frequent by tattoo and beard lovers and has a buzz to it. It’s the nirvana for people that love junk food and beer. Their stand out dishes are the fish burger, pan-fried fish with capers and parsley mayo and the ace is the mac and cheese balls.

  1. Studio23 Café and Kitchen

In the mood for something new? This Asian restaurant is a great place to take your palate through the paces. They do exciting things with dishes and add a unique twist that you’re going to love. Their Kimchi Carbonara takes a spicy and cream approach or the juicy Hong Kong French toast.

If you want to indulge in their whacky and new menu, you must be willing to part with a little more. But given the experience, it’s all worth it.

  1. The Pudding Pantry

Sweet tooths out there, Pudding Pantry has your back! This one of a kind joint has made a name by making the fluffy pancake stacks that are world famous from America. That’s not all! Their menu also includes the Mississippi Mud pie, milkshakes and boozy shakes.

Simply put, it is every sweet tooth’s paradise. You will also be happy to know that their menu is perfect when you’re on a budget.

These are all great places to drop by when you are in Nottingham. The beauty of being here is you can find a restaurant that offers cuisine from almost all corners of the world. You just need to know your way around and where all the best restaurants are hidden.

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