5 Best Places to Visit in Nottingham

As the leading New Boiler Nottingham company, we love our town! Built on the north bank of River Trent, Nottingham is well-known as a trading hub and a manufacturing centre. Over the years, it has slowly built a reputation as a cultural destination with various attractions that bring millions of visitors from across the world.

The most significant are the two theatres and art galleries strategically placed across the city. While in Nottingham, it’s obvious you will not run out of things to see and places to visit whether you’re alone or the entire family is tagging along.

  1. Nottingham Castle

The majestic 17th-century ducal mansion provides stunning views of the city from its 130 feet high location. It was built in 1067 by Norman the Conqueror and then rebuilt by other kings who followed.

The Castle is a historical monument that offers insight into the medieval to modern British and European art collections. There’s a lot of culture and art for you to enjoy while here and it’s the perfect place to take a break away from the bustling city life of Nottingham.

  1. Rushcliffe Country Park

When you have your family tagging along, or you just want some quiet and serene time to yourself, the Rushcliffe Country Park is the place. The greenery and proximity to nature are just one side of the story. The other side is filled with beautiful scenery and spectacular views.

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If you’d like to take a walk, they have over eight kilometers of footpath for you. You will meet other fitness lovers like cyclists and joggers and even dog walkers.

The vast spaces and the play area for children are all a welcome sight for people bringing their families. The park is open even on Sundays, so there’s no reason why you should miss it.

  1. Nottingham Playhouse

The Nottingham Playhouse brings the theatre action to you. This world-class theatre is host to dance, drama, comedy, and music.

It was first opened in 1948 and since then, it has been one of the leading theatres in the UK. It is extremely popular with tourists and the modern décor and one of a kind sky mirror provide you with something to amaze you other than the shows.

Whether you’re looking for entertainment or just dropping by to see the Nottingham Playhouse, your time visiting here is not lost.

  1. Adrenalin Jungle

Want to try something new and daring? Drop by the Adrenalin Jungle. They have plenty of scary but fun stuff you and your family can try out. It’s the perfect place to bond with a little push from adrenalin pumping activities.

Some of the activities available here include quad biking, an assault course, archery, treasure hunts, and jungle Olympics. The challenges are available for both adults and kids making this a great place for you and your family to burn some time.

  1. Nottingham Robin Hood Town Tour

You’ve probably heard that Nottingham has strong ties to the Robin Hood story. Your visit to Nottingham is never complete until you walk the trail and relive the story of the bandit that had a soft spot for the poor.

The tour offers an insight into the legendary hero on a journey of discovery. Here, you get facts and go to places where the hooded figure went. Your tour will include a visit to the ancient caves, and the famous Lace Market.

Nottingham offers a little bit of everything. Whether you’re looking for a meal, some action or a place to call home, Nottingham has something to offer. If you just happen to be passing by with some time to spare, drop by these five places around the City and you’ll not be disappointed.

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