5 Common Alpha Boilers Problems

At Boiler Installation Nottingham, we love guides! Most of the common problems that you will experience with Alpha boilers you can easily repair if you have the right tools and you can find your way around a boiler. The top five most common problems that you will experience with an Alpha boiler and the possible fixes include:

  1. Low Boiler Pressure

A low boiler pressure fault is indicated by an (E10) fault code on the display panel. The boiler will display the code when the pressure falls below 0.6bar.

Boilers are pressurised to make them more efficient. They might lose pressure over the years. When it goes below 1 bar, the boiler will indicate and eventually lockout to prevent further damage. A loss of boiler pressure could also be caused by a boiler leak.

If the pressure loss is spontaneous, try to locate the leak first. Once the leak is fixed, you can top up the boiler using the external filling loop. After topping up, you can reset the boiler to clear the fault code and start the boiler.

  1. No Hot Water Available

There are several reasons that could prevent the boiler from providing you with hot water. You need to run a series of tests to make sure you get to the bottom of the issue.

Check if there is power supply to the boiler and also if the fan is running before the boiler tries to ignite. Check if the boiler is firing up successfully and staying on.

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If all the above issues check out, the problem could be a faulty diverter valve. To confirm this, you can check if the heating is working fine. If it is, then the diverter valve needs to be replaced.

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  1. Lukewarm Water

Sometimes the boiler will provide you with lukewarm water on the hot water taps. It’s a problem that can happen with any boiler brand, but more likely to happen when you have an Alpha boiler.

A build-up of limescale or a faulty NTC thermistor could be the reason why you’re not getting hot water in your taps. If the NTC thermistor is defective, it sends the wrong information to your boiler, which can cause it to switch off before the water is hot enough. Electrical tests can verify this.

Deposits in the pipes causing blockages can also contribute to the problem. A power flush and replacing the thermistor should solve the problem.

  1. No Lights On The Boiler

Even when the boiler isn’t running, but the boiler is being supplied with power, there’s a light on the control panel. If there are no lights whatsoever on the interface, it’s clear there’s a problem with the power supply to the boiler.

Start by checking if other appliances around the house are working. Check the socket and the plug on the boiler to make sure they’re not the problem. If these check out as well, you might need to get a Gas Safe Engineer to diagnose the boiler and fix any issues.

  1. Loud Bangs From The Pipes

Loud noises in boilers are often a sign of kettling which happens when there’s limescale build-up. The boiling water inside the boiler is what makes it make noises like a kettle.

To clear the debris and limescale, you need to have a power flush done. You can also have a magnetic filter fitted that will help catch the debris and make it easier to remove.

You only need a handful of tools to fix most of these problems. But, never underestimate the essence of having the contact of a qualified Engineer at hand in case you realise you can’t handle the problem on your own.

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