5 Common Baxi Boiler Problems

At Boiler Installation Nottingham, we love guides! When it comes to boilers, it’s easy to be caught by surprise. Like other machines, boilers are prone to malfunctions and failing parts. Knowing what to expect with the different brands of boilers is critical in ensuring you are sufficiently prepared. Here are the five most common problems you’re likely to encounter when using a Baxi boiler.

  1. Low Boiler Pressure

Low boiler pressure affects every boiler brand in equal measure. It’s a simple problem to fix. But before you decide to fix it, it’s essential to check and ensure there are no underlying problems that could lead to the same problem again.

With low boiler pressure, you want to check if there are any leaks around the boiler. The leaks could be caused by a faulty seal, a defective pressure valve, or loose fittings. If there’s a leak, you need to have it fixed before topping up the boiler using the external filling loop.

It’s also possible that your boiler has been losing pressure over some time. It happens to all boilers. In this case, topping up and resetting the boiler will get it working again.

  1. Frozen Condensate Pipe

Baxi has come a long way. Now, they produce condensing boilers, all of which come with a condensate pipe. Because the pipe is outdoors, it’s prone to blocking and freezing. If the pipe is frozen, it can’t get dangerous fumes out of the house and as a safety precaution, the boiler will not start.

Luckily, all you need is a kettle of hot water to fix the problem. Heat water in a kettle and pour over the pipe to melt the ice. Once the flow is restored, the boiler will work properly again.

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  1. Broken Burner

If the burner is having a problem, you will hear loud noises inside the boiler. It’s hard to diagnose if the burner has a problem without the help of a qualified Engineer. You need to strip the boiler down to have a close look. If the boiler has a (128) fault code on the display panel, it’s a good hint the burner could be the problem.

Unfortunately, replacing the burner is expensive. If the boiler is old, it’s best to replace the entire boiler.

  1. Failed Ignition

If there’s an issue that could cause more damage to the boiler or pose a safety risk, the boiler will not ignite.

Some of the leading causes of failed boiler ignitions for a Baxi boiler are overheating, PCB problems, faulty fan or flue.

The solution depends on what you determine the problem to be. The flue problem is the easiest to correct. You can check for blockages or improper installation. For overheating and PCB problems, you need a professional to test the system and the sensor to figure out what the problem is.

  1. No Hot Water

Most of the time, a failing diverter valve is the reason why there’s no hot water coming from the taps. The diverter valve lets water into the heat exchanger. If it’s not working, no water is heated.

All you need to do is replace the diverter valve. Once it’s replaced, reset the boiler. You should have no problem accessing hot water from your taps now.

With these common problems and fixes, you’re better equipped to deal with any challenges that your Baxi boiler might throw your way. Don’t forget that having the boiler serviced annually will extend the life of the boiler and prevent some of these problems from happening.

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