5 Common Ideal Boilers Problems

At Boiler Installation Nottingham, we love guides! Do you have an Ideal boiler? Or maybe you’re thinking of getting one and want to be on the lookout for any potential problems that you should be aware of? It’s a great approach to take. While the Ideal boiler brand is one to reckon with, like other boiler brands, there are specific problems that might befall the boiler. Here are the five most common and what you should do.

  1. Unresponsive Boiler

You might wake up to an unresponsive boiler. Despite all your efforts, you can’t get the boiler to fire up. As serious as the problem might sound, in most cases, it’s not. It’s often something as small as a wiring problem. That doesn’t mean you should run diagnostics to pinpoint the problem.

Try testing the socket using another appliance and also the plug to rule out a blown fuse. If these two check out, use a multimeter to check voltages in the circuit board.

If your wiring is working fine, you might check the PCB. It’s not easy to fix the PCB, so if it’s the source of the problem, you might have to replace it.

  1. Gurgling Noises

The Icos and Isar range of ideal boilers is the most often affected by this problem. As the boiler is working, you might hear some gurgling sounds. Usually, the sound is produced as a result of a blockage in the waterways from the boiler to the condensate pipes.

Deposits often build up in the pipework and restrict water flow, causing the weird sounds. To fix the problem, you have to strip the plate at the bottom of the boiler and remove the condensate trap to clear any blockages.

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  1. Loud Bangs on Ignitions

This is yet another problem that is common with Isar and Icos models. The loud bangs can cause quite the scare and rightfully so.

A boiler attempts to ignite three times before it goes into lockout. If it doesn’t light up in the first or second attempt, there’s a pile-up of gas inside the boiler. When it ignites on the third attempt, the concentration of gas causes a small explosion which is what sounds like a bang.

To fix the problem, you need to have the ignition leads and flame sensor replaced. Also, make sure you adjust the gas valve and check the fan speed.

  1. Leaking Boiler

A leaking boiler is always a concern no matter which brand you have. The boiler leaks are either caused by a loose part inside the boiler, a faulty seal or a blown pressure valve.

If the pressure valve is the problem, it has to be replaced. Be sure to check the boiler pressure to prevent another blowout. If the pump is loose, all you need to do is tighten it into place and that should stop the leak. If the seal is worn out, you can replace the seal. For old boilers, it’s recommended to change the entire pump.

  1. Ignition Failure

Boilers have a safety mechanism that prevents the boiler from starting up if there’s a problem with the boiler. The boiler will attempt to ignite three times. If it fails on all three occasions, it will simply lockout and fail to start.

There are various reasons that could cause a lockout. These include a faulty fan, a blockage in the flue, low pressure, among others. It’s best to have a Gas Safe Engineer come and give the boiler a look to determine the problem and fix it.

Some of these boiler problems are easy to fix. With some skills, tools and some boiler experience, you can quickly diagnose and fix the problem. But, if you’re unsure about anything no matter how simple, it’s best to have a qualified boiler engineer come and look at the boiler.

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