Power Flush Nottingham

As you use your boiler and central heating, over time, sludge and other impurities build up inside the system. If these impurities are not removed, they compromise the efficiency of the system and can cause the central heating to become wasteful and the boiler to fail prematurely. The team at Boiler Installation Nottingham can help you with power flushing services that remove the sludge and restore the efficiency of the central heating.

Without power flushing, the debris, rust, and sludge can cause severe damage to the central heating and a complete overhaul of the system could be the only solution.

We also advise homeowners to have a power flush done before replacing the boiler. This frees the old pipework and radiators from any blockages and ensures the performance and functioning of the new boiler will not be compromised.

What is Power Flushing?

Power flushing is an intricate process that helps to remove sludge and debris that has built up inside the central heating.

These impurities cause a variety of problems inside the system which include cold spots on the radiators, noisy pumps, leaks and your radiators need bleeding and venting more often. A power flush can help to get rid of these and other problems caused by the accumulation of debris and sludge inside the system.

During a power flush, a chemical is added to the central heating and circulated through all the radiators. The chemical helps to dissolve blockages and make the sludge easier to remove. After the chemical has done its part, it’s disposed along with the deposits collected. Water is pumped through the flush circuits on the radiators. The water coming out of the system is monitored and discarded until it comes out clean.

To prevent re-accumulation of sludge and iron oxide, an inhibitor is added to the system. It keeps the central heating running efficiently from many years before you need another power flush.


Primarily, a power flush helps to restore the efficiency and effectiveness of the central heating. Once the sludge is removed, the boiler is more efficient and your house gets hotter.

  • It saves you money - power flushing will help you save money. By improving the efficiency of the system, the boiler doesn’t need to run for long hours and the heat is not lost in pipes before it gets to the radiators. You only need to run the system for a short time and your house gets warmer faster after power flushing. 
  • Improved circulation – removing sludge, debris and other impurities inside the pipework helps water flow easily through the pipes. Heat exchange is immediate and the radiators get hotter allows the house to get hotter in a short time.