2 RED and Which? Trusted traders

2 RED have been members of Which? Trusted traders since 2014, and since then our commitment to providing exceptional customer service is evident from our customer feedback.

Any business that is serious about the quality of service they offer their customers should be a member of a third-party quality assurance service. Because of our commitment to our clients, we are a member of the Which? Trusted Trader and have been since 2014.

We have received excellent feedback from customers who are pleased with our services. To date, we have over 250 customer reviews and we have one the Which? Trusted of the Month award two times and became a finalist for the annual award in 2016 beating over 5,000 entries.

What you can expect from 2 RED?

We take customer experience seriously. To keep the high standards of service and customer satisfaction, this is what you should expect from our business:

We treat all our clients and their property with respect, and we clean up as we proceed with our work.

We provide our customers with a clear and transparent breakdown of the costs associated with the job before you make any commitments.

We aim to provide you with tailored solutions to all your heating problems. We will give you all the information and options available and let you make an informed decision on what you would like us to do.

We strive to complete all projects and repairs within the agreed time and cost.

In case you need any changes to the initial agreement, we will provide you with an updated quote in a timely and convenient manner.

We are approachable, attentive and reactive to any queries and concerns you might have.


Why use a Which? Trusted trader

Which? Trusted Trader is a quality assurance service with over 60 years of testing products and services. Our logo is a sign of reputation and trust and we thoroughly vet and follow up with any local tradesman we endorse and who carries our logo.

How we assess our traders

Our program is designed to recognise reputable traders who pass the rigorous assessment process carried out by our professionals. To be endorsed, the business must pass the assessment which includes:

Credit report

We use this report to validate the financial status of any business that applies to be endorsed by Which? Trusted Trader

Customer Satisfaction

We sample at least 10 domestic customer references. The customers are randomly chosen by the assessor.

Business procedures

The administrative and business procedures are closely examined to ensure they cater to the interests of the customer.

Interview and assessment

We conduct a physical interview by visiting the site of the business. Our standards professionals better understand the aspects of the applicant and how their business is run.


Upon completion of the assessment, we provide a report with vital feedback from our assessors. The report might include areas of improvement for the business before they are allowed to join the scheme.

Endorsed trader

The trader is eligible to be part of Which? Trusted Trader if they meet the high standards and agree to abide by the terms and conditions, membership and code of conduct set by Which? Trusted Trader

Who makes the grade?

Only businesses that make the grade can be endorsed by Which? Trusted Trader. Not all business that apply get endorsement because of the rigorous processes and endorsement requirements.

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